Taste the difference of our in-house marinated meats

We were happy to have Olivia and Cameron from @DineAdelaide for lunch on Saturday. They tried our BBQ Chicken Pizza, Lamb Yiros Pizza and the Chicken Caesar Salad.

“Feed Me Pizza was a pleasant surprise. The ingredients are very obviously fresh and the food made with lots of care. We’ll be back again soon!”


Lamb Yiros Pizza

Marinated in lemon zest and garlic, the lamb goes on raw and is cooked perfectly and tender through the oven. Topped with rocket and tzatziki made fresh in store by our chef James Valente.

Thanks to @DineAdelaide for the great photos. 


BBQ Chicken Pizza

You must try our famous chicken - available on both our BBQ Chicken Pizza (pictured), and our BBQ Meatlovers.  

Feed me pizza - ceasar salad.jpg

Caesar Salad 

Warning - Highly Addictive! This salad is a mix of anchovies, bacon, croutons chicken and lettuce, all covered with our house-made caesar dressing, and lightly garnished with parmesan.